Detachment Is Tough But Very Necessary To Live A Fulfilling Life!

The importance of detachment from material, emotions and negative energy in our life, and how to do so in a healthy manner!

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Many of us want to live a fulfilling life, where we are happy with the people surrounding us and the things we have. However, to achieve a fulfilling life we need to let go of certain things in life, certain emotions that only drag us behind, detach ourselves from it completely!

Well, what does detachment mean, you may be thinking? Detachment simply put means to stop being dependent on objects and people for our own happiness. Detachment means realizing that we do not need other people or our possessions to make us happy! And this only happens when you are self-sufficient! That being said, detachment does not occur overnight, like everything else in life, you need to practice it!

Why is it important to detach from material life, emotions and energy?

In order to understand why it is important to detach, we need to learn how we become attached to things and people. And the answer always lies in our past!

If we did not have something in our past due to some or the other reason, we tend to believe that one thing will be the key to our happiness! And this way we become attached to it, and sometimes even obsessed with it! That becomes the ultimate goal in life, and we do everything and anything to achieve it!

This leads to huge expectations that we put on ourselves, and when we do not achieve that goal, we fall into a pit of disappointment and fear! Like it is almost the end of the world! We are then unable to think about anything else for our future and even the present! We have nothing to motivate us to move on further!

Hence why it is extremely important, that we prevent this from happening, and take a look at the big picture! Life is not about one goal at a time, it is about the aggregate of goals and achievements that help us be happy and fulfilled, regardless of what we lose in the midst of life! Detachment helps clear our minds and think about how we want our life to be like, instead of how we want the next year to be like! Focus on the excution of the plans instead of the outcomes! Do not jump to conclusions ahead of time!

This way we do not expect anything in return and simply live a free life!

Practices for detachment

1. Look at the roots of your attachment

You need to look at the beginning of your attachment: why were you attracted to it? what makes you afraid to lose it? what expectations did you have of it?. Understanding the starting point will help you detach from it and have a bigger viewpoint in life.

2. Acceptance

You need to accept the fact that this attachment is not helping you in any way, and that you are suffering because of it! Look at yourself from another person’s shoes and think practically! We don’t like to think that we need help or that we are in a bad shape, but that is the way to trick your ego, since your ego does not like to be defeated!

3. Invite change

Once you embrace that change is bound to occur, and that not everything in life is permanent, you will be able to let go of certain things and people in life, and move on easily! Do not force that object to change or stay, just be thankful for it and move past it! (Be it an actual object or a person!)

4. Become your own friend

It is time to bring the focus back onto yourself! You are your top priority, nothing else! Work on strengthing your trust on yourself and your self-image! Bring the power back in your hands, to make yourself happy! You should be the only one in the world, that has complete control over your life and your happiness! Being self-sufficient and our own friend, we automatically attract more people of the same mindset, and stop looking to depend on others! You are free!

The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it



  1. Shreedevi Prasad says:

    Good writeup

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  2. Sandhya Sherigar says:

    I went on a roller coaster, riding emotions whilst relating to the article.
    However difficult to practise. Emotions/attachments are deep rooted sometimes surface like waves especially when one is at his weakest.
    Well worded expression, will practise. That’s the only way to self healing and lead a happy life.
    Looking forward to read more of your articles.
    Best wishes
    Sandhya Sherigar

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind word! The journey towards a fulfilling life is indeed hard, but achievable. Please do look forward to my new articles!


  3. Bindu Pradeep says:

    Beautifully penned down the thoughts….go gaal..loads of love and blessings

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  4. Thanks so much for the support!! So keep a watch out for more posts! I am open to recommendations for articles!


    1. Dr.Trini Alexy John says:

      Loved the write up.Very true.Be your own friend. Do not let the rein of your life in someone else’s hand.
      Love and value yourself, totally agree.
      Will look forward to more of your articles.
      Good luck, Muskan.

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