How To Tap Into Your Intuition And Strenghten It

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Intuition or your ‘gut feeling’ is something that we all have felt and experienced, but never really understood. Never really knew what to do with it. Follow it or ignore it. Most of us don’t trust our gut feeling.  So in this article, I will tell you how to trust it, why to trust, and how to tap into it!

First, what is intuition? The Webster dictionary says it is ” a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence.’

Intuition is when your brain uses your past experiences and clues from your surroundings to come to a deduction or to make a decision. And most of us do not recognize or notice this taking place, because of how fast this decision is made.

Intuition is in all of us, we all have it, but some of us just don’t know how to use it to shape or benefit our lives. Researchers at Leeds University have stated that Intuition is one of two important ‘operating systems’ of our brain. The first one is instinctual and quick, and this is where Intuition lies. This usually takes place on an unconscious level, meaning we don’t have control over it and it happens quickly by itself. It’s the feeling we get when we enter a room and get a bad feeling from the room. That is also known as our gut feeling. The second operating system is more analytical and in our conscious mind.

Now, how do we sharpen it and use it to our benefit?

1. Listen to it

Start paying attention to that feeling you get! Notice it! When you start noticing the signs and those feelings, you will be able to maneuver it and use it, and good things will happen!

2. Your Gut Never Lies!

Learn to trust your gut feeling! There is even research backing up the concept of ‘gut feeling’. Research states that emotion and intuition have an effect on our gut and is connected to each other. There is a network of neurons in your gut, which is why it is also known as the ‘second brain’. This explains why you get a sick feeling in your stomach when you are about to make a decision or if you made a wrong choice!

3. Be Careful With Who You Hang With

If you are surrounded by people who often drain your energy or oppress your opinions with theirs, then you lose touch with your own intuition and depend on others. You need to distance yourself from people like that and focus on your own mind and intuition. That way you can depend on yourself and it will be clearer what you want.

4. Dreams Have A Bigger Role

Dreams hold a lot of important information that we do not have access to when we are in a conscious state. If we pay attention to our dreams, we can find some solutions or different perspectives on a situation. So before sleeping think about issues that bother you, and let your brain do the rest!

5. Keep A Journal

Write down when you guessed something ahead of time, and it actually ended up happening. Write when your intuition turned out to be right. Keep track of the feelings you get in such times, this way when you go back and read you can sense a pattern in how your intuition communicates with you!

Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Anthony J D Angelo

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