Going With The Flow: Lose Control Over Things You Cannot Control

“Going with the flow is responding to cues from the universe. When you go with the flow, you’re surfing Life force. It’s about wakeful trust and total collaboration with what’s showing up for you.”

– Daniella LaPorte-

One thing I have realized during this pandemic, is that not everything in our life goes our way! We want it to, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not! When it does not happen, we lose hope and blame everything else, because it hurts too much!

When I was in the US, I thought I was never going to move from there and that I will attend college and work in NYC. It seemed to me at that point, that I have been through worse, now if I take control of my future, I can make my life a bit more better! Well, I was wrong. I forgot that while I have control on how much I study for college, the one biggest thing I do not have control over, is my visa and staying in the US. And in mid-2020, our visa got rejected, and I gave up everything I worked hard for and moved to India. And my was I crushed!

Almost a year and half later, I am now realizing that it is better to go with the flow of life, because you never know when a sharp turn might come in! Instead of controlling every aspect of life, draining your energy on it, just listen to the cues of the universe, like Danielle LaPorte mentioned in the quote above. Accept your reality and be happy with what you have! Go with the flow!

After going through a wave of guilt, anger, shame and disappointment, I am now noticing that moving to India is not that bad after all. I am doing much well in school, I am working on making myself healthy and I actually started a blog! So maybe letting go is not so bad!

Now that I have explained the importance of going with the flow, you can just start with these simple steps of learning this blessed form of life!

“Go with the flow. Force nothing. Let it happen, or not happen. Trusting that whichever way it goes, it’s for the best.”

– Mandy Hale-

6 Steps To Practice To Go With The Flow

1. Accept That You Can Not Control Everything

This is something that is told to us all the time, however our heart and our emotions seem to takeover this fact and act on it’s own! So you need to remind yourself that while you can try to control small aspects of your life, there will be a few changes here and there, totally out of our control, and that it is fine! It happens!

2. Just Laugh!

Our reactions to things in life have a huge difference on how our day goes! If you end up getting the wrong coffee, do not get frustrated, just laugh and think that you are getting to try something new! It will totally change your mood for the day and help you go with the flow! This goes hand-in-hand with detachment (I have an article on this if you want to know more about it!)

3. Be In The Present

Just breathe! Be in the present, take a look around you! Take it all in! Thinking too much about the future, doesn’t allow you to be in tune with what’s happening now! Give up that control, and just let go of yourself and see what the day brings to you!

4. Look At It From A Different Perspective

Think about it like this, will this event, no matter how big or small, affect you 10 years from now! Probably not! So there is no point in breaking your head over it, because it will not disrupt your life heavily! It is a small misstep in a series of changes that will take place in life! C’est la vie!

5. Meditation

If you cannot handle the stress or the way life is going, try meditation! Meditation will always help clear your mind a little bit! It can never go wrong! After some deep-breathing, look back at the situation in a detached manner. This will help you self-reflect!

6. Lastly, Just Enjoy Life!

One of the biggest and most crucial step is to enjoy life! The little things in life that make your day! Maybe it is a morning hot coffee, or walking in your favorite park or just staring out the window, looking at the fellow human beings wondering where they are going! Enjoy the life you have now, be a little spontaneous, lose control and let yourself have fun! It is all in the little things in life!

“If you just go with the flow, no matter what weird things happen along the way, you will always end up where you belong”


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