Queen: A Movie That Awakens My Desire Of Independence

A film directed by Vikas Bahl, starring talented actress Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Haydon, and Rajkummar Rao.

This film is about Rani (played by Kangana Ranaut), who was going to get married to Vijay (played by Rajkummar Rao) when Vijay leaves her before the wedding. Rani was utterly devastated, however, she decided to go on the honeymoon they both has planned, alone. And from this point forward, Rani forces herself to step out of her comfort zone and travels to Paris and Amsterdam, where she learns more about herself, makes new friends, and finds her new awakened independence!

Why Is This Movie One Of My Favorites?

I will tell you why this is one of my top favorite films!

This film inspires me and motivates me to become independent and travel the world, without having to wait for someone to take me places! Rani was someone who always relied on her fiance’s opinion, and hence she never really spoke out for herself or did anything by herself! She was in some ways, dependent on Vijay. So when he left her before the wedding, she took it on herself, to travel to Paris and Amsterdam.

Now that was a scary thing for her to do, as she has never been abroad before, especially alone! But in the future, that would be the biggest and greatest decision she would make, that would change her perspective in life!

Rani taught me that, when you are really afraid of doing something that you have never done, you should do it even more! Stepping out of your comfort zone is a risk we all have to take! We do not know what the result is, but regardless of it, we are at least trying!

This movie taught me that being independent and doing the thing we are afraid of, really helps us grow in life and allows us to truly understand ourselves, and what we want out of life! If you have never really stepped out of your house, met other people, what do you really know? What do you really know about the world?

Rani met four people on this trip, who were complete opposites of her, yet they were at the same time very relating to her! They came from different cultures, different places, yet Rani felt comfortable with them! She learned about their cultures, their journeys and she took away something important from that! That everyone has a story to share, and that it may just help you understand your own story!

This is why this is my favorite movie! A true feel-good, inspirational, and motivational movie!

Why Should You Watch It?

Well, if it wasn’t very obvious in the section above, then I will rewrite it in a smaller gist.

You should watch Queen because it teaches you that you are the one in control of your own happiness, you should not be dependent on others for it(even if it is your significant other!).

You should watch Queen because it shows you that stepping out of the comfort zone is scary, however you slowly, slowly get used to it and go with the flow of life! Because that’s exactly how it is!

You should watch Queen because it explains how strangers you meet on the road, might just help you in ways you could not believe in! That other people have advice that might just be right for you, and even though you may not see them ever again, they remain with you!

And lastly, you should watch Queen because, we all need that push, that inspiration to travel alone, truly understand ourselves, and be happy with ourselves! With funny dialogues, touching moments, and a freeing vibe, Queen is a perfect movie to watch!

It is all in the little things in life, guys! Just take some time to notice it and you will be flooded with joy!

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