Hippie By Paulo Coelho: A Book Disguised As An Adventure Like No Other

“When things happen without planning or expectations they are that much more enjoyable.”

– Hippie by Paulo Coelho

Hippie’s story is drawn from author Paulo Coelho’s life during the 70s. The story follows a young Paulo, looking to travel on the famous ‘Death Train’ to Bolivia while striving to be a writer. On this journey, Paulo looks for the purpose of life, while meeting people who change the way he sees life, and encountering various situations he would have never thought of before.

This book is set during the 70s when the youth of the world were trying to figure out where they fit in the world, travel the world, whilst challenging the system they were born in. This story is a whirlwind of emotions and the deep meaning of life. It definitely ignites a fire inside the youth of this generation, to do the same and live their lives before it is too late and not to care about society!

“Dancing transforms everything, demands everything, and judges no one. Those who are free dance, even if they find themselves in a cell or a wheelchair, because dancing is not the mere repetition of certain movements, it’s a conversation with a Being greater and more powerful that everyone and everything. To dance is to use a language beyong selfishness and fear.”

Paulo Coelho, Hippie

What I Felt While Reading This Book?

Short answer: this book brought out emotions and desires from -inside of me, that I did not know I had.

Long answer: read below

Starting from the starting of the book, with how Paulo starts out in Amsterdam, thinking about how people who visit new places, go to the tourist spots inside of exploring the local spots, is one of the moments where I immediately related to the character. I too dislike the heavily crowded tourist spots. I want to visit the quiet, serene places that only the locals know about. Those places hold the true feeling of ‘home’ that the people living there feel. You feel like a part of the place, not one looking at it through cameras. Watching people do their day-to-day things, is an activity with its own hidden comfort.

Reading this book, lit up the thirst of dancing in the middle of the street with strangers, sharing the joy of being one with all who traveled for one purpose: enjoying life. While I love being in cities, the rush of everything, the lack of patience, are unhealthy and just unnecessary and get in the way of living my life as it is. I want to travel with people with the same goal, getting lost in the stories told by old buildings in a small town, sipping coffee in a 100 -year old coffee shop.

Since this book is based on Paulo Coelho’s life, it is safe to say that his life has inspired many hearts, including mine, to find their purpose in life, by doing what they have to, regardless of what other people say. Meeting unknown people and having them be a part of their journey, is a need in my life! And I have to give my thanks to Paulo for helping me realize this, by sharing his memorable words and story with me and the rest of the world!

Why You Should Read This

Because of all those things I just said above.

Because it will help you in ways you did not imagine.

Because it is written by Paulo Coelho, who has written the famous ‘Alchemist’.

This is a must to read, for all those people who romanticize everything in their life as they should. For those people who find themselves drowning in poems and stories. For those people who get lost in nature. And finally for those people, who want to experience this!

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