Rebooting Your Life in 2022

“Restarting your heart

The best way to forget the past

The beginning of new life”

By Priya Raj

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.”

Written by Jim Rohn.

Entering the new year, many of us want to restart our lives and recover our precious time from this pandemic. Even I want to. We want to get back what we have lost in the past two years, and it is totally understandable. It has taken us two years to get back into some form of stability in both our hearts and minds and we are scared of any other changes.

But where do we actually restart from? How do we maintain it? To learn how to maintain new habits and get rid of the old ones, continue reading.

It is never too late to become who you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

1. Change Your Perspective On Your Life!

In order to break our old habits and get out of the lifestyle, we need to change our perspective in life! Looking at your life from a different angle may just tell you what you need to change and where you need to start from! You must take a deeper look into your life, and analyze what has been limiting you from full potential or from making those decisions that are hard.

If you keep on repeating the past mistakes, you will be in a loop you cannot escape, which is the whole point of restarting! It ties in with staying in your comfort zone. Staying in there holds you back!

Hence, why it is important to shift your perspective a bit more!

2. Get Rid Of Things That Hold You Back

Whether it is people, friends, or objects, if it is holding you back, it goes out! Accumulating such things or keeping them close to you, will just make you feel more sluggish and drained out. When you start to feel like that, it is time to detach from objects and refrain from getting too attached to them.

3. Practice Gratitude

To help you change your perspective, you should start practicing gratitude. It may seem that gratitude is often repeated and you wonder why? The effects of gratitude are immense! Every day, you should start writing down a few things that you are grateful for! It is a crucial thing to do, before leaving your old life behind!

4. Imagine What You Want Your Future To Look Like

Once you have figured out how you do not want to live your life, think about what you actually want to do. The first step when thinking about what you want to do is, not to be afraid.

It is alright to ambitious, it is your life! Do not think about failure, when you haven’t even taken the first step yet! Reflecting on how you felt before, make sure that this time you do not feel too bored or too stressed! Take whatever steps you need to, to make sure that this time, you will be satisfied with how you live!

5. Last But Not Least, Be Kind To Yourself!

When you are restarting your life, you need to realize that you cannot straight up have a perfect brand new life! You will feel like returning to your old habits, or you will feel very out of place and not comfortable! So do not beat yourself up for it! You are making an effort and that’s what counts. Be kind to yourself! Practice self-compassion! Once you are kind to yourself, everything else will not seem very stressful!

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