Signs That You Are Bottling Up Your Emotions

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. ”

– Sigmund Freud

When we are confused about the emotions we are feeling, and we do not necessarily want to dive deep into it or let it out, we bottle it all in. Why? Because we are afraid of what might just happen if we let it out. Will we lose control? Will we do something that we might regret? Because of these situations, most of us never really discuss or let out our emotions, and keep them deep inside us, until it erupts like a volcano.

Why Is It Dangerous?

I am someone who tends to bottle up all of my emotions and then one day, burst out crying. I think the reason I often do this is because I do not really understand what I am feeling. And because I do not know what I am feeling or why I am feeling like that, I dismiss it. And it later comes up again. And until and unless, I really take the time to sit and understand it and figure it out, I will be stuck in this endless loop, which will just keep on dragging me down.

It becomes such that we end up getting scared of our own emotions, instead of trusting them. We become so scared of it, that we do not go near it! We do not understand it, and we do not want to feel it. We blame all of our wrong-doings on it! We forget that emotions are a part of us. And that is why it is so dangerous to bottle up the emotions because we end up being afraid of ourselves. We avoid the pain, the joy, the fear, guilt, everything!

How Do We Prevent It From Happening?

Look out for these signs:

  • You do not express your concerns or problems, and handle it by yourself.
  • You tend to avoid solving your problems and distract yourself.
  • You avoid letting your emotions show, whether that means crying or showing your hurt
  • You hate confrontation
  • You get irritated or annoyed at small things, and explode
  • Being around people who are emotionally expressive make you uncomfortable

If you find these signs in your behavior, then you need to slowly learn to talk about your emotions, or if you are still very uncomfortable talking about it with your close family or friends, then you can always talk to a professional counselor!

Please do remember that showing your emotions is never a sign of vulnerability, it does not make you look weak! Do not feel afraid of your feelings, we all go through them. And even though it hurts, you will slowly pass through it!

” Bottled up emotions , equals, a very scary person on the outside, plus a broken soul inside.”

– Auror

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